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So I’m sure most of you guys have been following what’s been happening on twitter but if you haven’t you should know that Christian and Mitchel have decided to leave What About Tonight. I’m really sad that this is the case but I’m going to support all five boys no matter what they choose to do and hopefully the two new members Brock, Tyrone & Luke get to join will be amazing. I personally have no idea why they broke up apart from what they’ve wrote on twitter. I suggest going there if you want to find out more about what’s going on.

If I’m being honest I feel like Christian and Mitchel were a little too young for this. The other boys are a couple of years older and are past school and studying and all that so they have the time to really focus on starting their music career. Also Christian copped a lot of hate on Twitter and Instagram and what not and I think that took its toll on him. He’s young and all of a sudden got all this (negative) attention and didn’t really know how to cope with it. He says he wants to work on himself and I hope he can do so and be able to be truly happy. I’ve always worried about Christian because he is the baby and even though he’s so confident and amazing on stage I think he’s quite sensitive and shows signs of depression at times. I just hope that he’s happy and will be able to do well in school and continue to do music. Mitchel’s tweets were quite vague, I suspect that he will continue doing music through youtube with his brother  while he finishes school. You can check out their youtube here

Please don’t send any nasty messages or tweets to the boys, that’s not going to help anyone and you’re just going to make a hard situation even worse. I hope you guys will continue to support WAT, Christian & Mitchel.

(Christian’s Announcement / Mitchel’s Announcement)

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What About Tonight - Behind The Scenes In The Studio - Girlfriend Magazine

So proud of you boys! :’)

Awww! Loved this! <3

Stop it the lot of you!!!! Tyrone in this though. His fashion sense and dancing and cuteness is flawless

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#sids &amp; #kids support this amazing cause


#sids & #kids support this amazing cause

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2 snaplbackls - @tyrone_gwat


2 snaplbackls - @tyrone_gwat

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Brock Jays :3


Brock Jays :3

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luckyi’m in lovewith mybest friend.

i’m in love
with my
best friend.

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Hahaha, my twitter username is your tumblr username, & I used to dislike you tbh because I made my twitter in like june last year, then went on to make the tumblr account & you already had my name. Just thought Id share that with you, haha. x


lol sorry :( 

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OHMYGOSH I'm in one of your gifs from Australia Fair :) I'm the one with Mitchel

oh really?? awesome!! :) 

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Bit of Australia Fair recorded by Luke’s aunt. 

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